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Accelerate Your Leadership: Master the Art of Strategy, Team Development, and Career Growth

Transform your leadership skills to excel in competitive environments and drive your career forward.

Fierce Leadership Workshop

Mesa, AZ:
April 24 - 25

Phoenix, AZ:
May 14 - 15

Early bird pricing: $1895

Early bird pricing: $1895

In a world where leadership defines career success, the Fierce Leadership Workshop is your gateway to becoming the leader you've always aspired to be.

This two-day, in-person course is designed for leaders like you - ambitious, strategic, and ready to take the helm in driving organizational success.

Essential Benefits for Your Leadership Journey

Sharpen Strategic Decision-Making Skills

Foster a High-Performing and Productive Team

Accelerate Your Career Trajectory in the Most Competitive Landscapes

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Who Will Benefit Most?

This workshop is tailor-made for high-performing individuals who are not just participants in their career journey but active drivers of their success. If you invest in personal growth, thrive on building effective strategies, and want your team to take more initiative, this workshop is your next big step. 

Invest in Yourself, See the Impact:

- Develop a leadership style that propels your career.

- Learn to build and manage teams that take charge.

- Navigate your path to the top with confidence.

Workshop Details

When & Where:

April 24 & 25

Regus Events Center
3707 E Southern Ave, Floors 1 & 2
Mesa, AZ 85206

May 14 & 15

Phoenix, AZ
[Location coming soon]

Course Details

 Two day agenda will include the following Fierce programs: Foundations, Team, Feedback, Coach, Confront, Resilience, and Accountability

Your Investment in Future Success

Invest in your most valuable asset–You.

The skills, strategies, and insights you gain are lifelong assets that will propel your career, enhance your leadership, and drive tangible results in your organization.

Secure Your Spot - Lead with Confidence

April 24 - 25

May 14 - 15

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